Everything your RTO needs – in one system.

Everything your RTO needs – in one system.

Nov 21, 2017 | Student Management Systems

aXcelerate your student management system into the cloud!

Who is aXcelerate and how does it help RTOs?

aXcelerate is a revolutionary student management system, run entirely from the cloud. The system intuitively handles all aspects of running an Australian training organisation and ensures that users are compliant with government standards. aXcelerate also integrates with popular education and financial applications to provide a flexible and customisable solution. aXcelerate helps RTOs by simplifying the process of managing compliance reporting, student and trainer management and authoring, mapping, and delivering online assessments – all in the one integrated system.

Who is the team behind aXcelerate?

aXcelerate is the culmination of over 25 years of experience in the private training sector. Reay Mackay, Managing Director of aXcelerate, spent most of his early working career in IBM where he developed his passion for customer service and people management. Julie Verner Mackay, Director of aXcelerate, has a rich background in learning and development, human resources, and leadership development – having created and delivered hundreds of courses over more than 30 years. Julie and Reay created VM Learning, a Brisbane-based HR training company which has provided a unique and innovative approach to the holistic development of over 40000 people. Together they developed an in-house web-based learning management system for VM Learning which led them to commercialise the product as aXcelerate, a leading-edge student management system for training organisations.

Baseline Training & aXcelerate – a case study.

Baseline training is a strong advocate of aXcelerate.

Due to the size and capability of the system, the biggest challenge faced by Baseline Training was the actual implementation of the new system and incorporating it into Baseline Training’s business operations. To ensure the implementation process was as effective as possible, Baseline Training utilised the support options available to all new aXcelerate clients, including free ongoing support and face-to-face and web-based training. This allowed Baseline Training to pursue a number of enhancements to their systems in the safe knowledge that any technical hiccups would be addressed by aXcelerate’s extensive support team.

Read the full case study online here.

Our latest feature – the aXcelerate Trainer Matrix

aXcelerate has recently developed a new feature to make trainer competencies, trainer management and trainer currency easy for all RTOs. Using the aXcelerate Trainer Matrix, RTOs can quickly manage trainers, update their competencies and create administrator-trainer workflows – in a matter of clicks. Read more about the aXcelerate Trainer Matrix.

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ACPET members will receive a 10% discount on first-year license fees, as well as free first-year access to the aXcelerate Workflow Automation engine!


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