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SCORM Compliant 

All of our eLearning resources are built to be SCORM compliant. We get a few questions from clients who are new to using Learning Management Systems (LMS) in regards to the SCORM files we provide. These files can understandably be quite technical as it’s essentially visually represented as ‘code’ when not viewed in an LMS. The following are some basic explanations to give you an idea of what SCORM means but not overwhelm you with technical jargon. We can take care of the technical side of things so you can get back to delivering your training.

What is SCORM?

SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. It is a set of technical standards used for eLearning and Learning Management Systems. It informs programmers on how to write code for online learning content so that it works on the LMS the content will sit in.

What is SCORM compliance?

SCORM compliance means that the learning content follows the SCORM standards and specifications, and the LMS being used has been built with SCORM specifcations in mind. If neither the content or LMS is SCORM compliant, then the materials will not work.

A simple analogy for this is power plugs and outlets. Australia has a standard for plugs and outlets, so any device that requires a plug to power it must be built to standard. If the plug is standard the device can be plugged into any Australian outlet.

Why are we SCORM compliant?

Having our resources be SCORM compliant ensures our resources can be used on SCORM compliant Learning Management Systems. Most training organisations who deliver eLearning content will be using a variety of SCORM compliant LMSs, so it’s important that our resources will work across different LMSs.

Why are files in ZIP folders and not Word Docs or PDFs?

A SCORM compliant LMS will process content as ZIP folders. All of our eLearning materials come as ZIP folders which any SCORM compliant LMS will be able to unpack when it’s uploaded.

Word Docs and PDFs are downloadable files that can be printed. eLearning courses are designed for an LMS so the material is not formatted to be downloaded and printed. If there are situations within an eLearning course where materials need to be downloaded and printed, these are often provided separately or are contained within the ZIP folders (which cannot be viewed as an independent file).

What do I do with the files I receive for my LMS?

If you’re using your own SCORM compliant LMS, you’ll need to upload the ZIP files as specified in your LMS guidelines.

Note: Extracting and opening the ZIP files/folders on your computer’s browser (and not uploading within your LMS) will only present uninterpretable code.

If you’re using EduworksLMS we’ll take care of the resources you’ve purchased from us. Check out EduworksLMS here to learn about the benefits of a complete LMS solution.

If you’re having further issues with your LMS and SCORM files, we can provide you with extra support as needed. Please get in touch for a consultation and quote.

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