Brand New From Eduworks: Full BSB Learner Guides

Brand New From Eduworks: Full BSB Learner Guides

Nov 30, 2020 | Assessment Design, Buying Resources, Eduworks News

Since 2015 we have been proudly designing and selling BSB resources to our clients. Making sure that our resources are high quality and compliant, our clients have been able to deliver their training with confidence and peace of mind. Our ongoing relationships with our clients help us to continuously improve on our existing products. In addition, we’re able to create new innovative products that benefit our existing clients and attract new clients seeking compliant resources.

Our community of clients and contacts give us feedback for our resources. Feedback that’s based on their industry experience and usage of our resources. Therefore, we are always listening to our community so we can deliver the best of what they need. One of the needs our clients consistently brought up was a need for high quality and compliant Learner Guides for our clients’ students.

This year we began focusing on updating and creating NEW Learner Guides to add to the student experience. Our Learner Guides have been developed with current best practices in learning methodology in mind and in close consultation with industry and subject matter experts.

Holistically Designed

Our Learner Guides provide learning content that cover the unit of competency or cluster of units holistically. That means we don’t write element by element; we look at the unit or cluster as a whole and decide how to present the information in the most logical order for the student. Our Learner Guides include the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ as well as examples in workplace application scenarios. We have included simple mapping showing how content links to the unit/s of competency.

BSB Rise eLearning

Engaging Experience

Our print ready Learner Guides are packed full of learning activities, case studies and end-of chapter review questions to aid independent study, class activities and homework. The Learner Guides have been designed with visually appealing images and easy to understand diagrams, graphs, tables and charts. There are symbols and icons that help students easily identify activities. There are also QR codes for students and trainers to view videos and links easily on their own device. This is so students can easily watch videos on their own device and quickly look up references and links.

BSB Learner Guide examples

Interactive eLearning

Along with our print-ready resources, our learner guides are also available as interactive eLearning materials that can be imported into any SCORM compliant Learning Management System. All our resources are also available in our very own learning management system EduworksLMS! Our designers have purposefully included visually engaging graphics and visuals to support the text and aid learning. Student learning is enhanced and supported with interactive quizzes, flip cards, videos, click-and-drag activities, links to external sites, downloadable documents, and so much more!

BSB eLearning example 1
BSB eLearning example 2
BSB eLearning example 3
BSB eLearning example 4

We now have a variety of samples available of our Learner Guides. This includes a sample Learner Guide for BSB V7.0 Business Services Training Package. Click the link below to check out our Learner Guide page for more information and to request a sample.

If you have any questions about our resources for the BSB Business Services Training Package, you can contact us by calling 1300 761 141, email us at, or make an enquiry by going to the information page here.


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