CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support – RPL Kit

Everything you need for RPL for the 18 units in the CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support.

  • Provided in Microsoft Word format so you can customise to suit your RTO as needed.
  • Sold under the terms of our Licence Agreement – pay a one-off-fee for as many students as you need!
  • All documents required to conduct RPL are included.
  • Loved by RTOs around the country.


All RTOs are required to offer their students Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), and our RPL kits will make your RPL process a breeze.

We have designed our RPL assessment tools to be candidate and assessor friendly so they ease the burden of RPL on all parties. Our RPL assessment tools ensure your RPL process is valid and that candidates are assessed against all unit requirements.

We dont repeat the unit in our RPL kits!

Our RPL kits include:

  • Checklists for each unit so the candidate can self-assess to see if RPL is a suitable option.
  • Structured RPL tasks and evidence requirements that the candidate must provide.
  • Checklists for the assessor to mark each task or evidence requirement with guidance on expected answers all mapped to the unit.
  • Observation checklists where required for the assessor to use when observing practical skills.
  • Verbal questions for the assessor to ask the candidate.
  • Third party reports for units (as applicable) so a supervisor of the candidate can confirm the candidates workplace skills.

For each unit included in this qualification, you will receive the following:

  • Candidate Tools includes simple checklists for each unit to help determine if a candidate has the skills and knowledge to apply for RPL used as the first step of the RPL process. Also includes the tasks/evidence the candidate needs to provide to demonstrate competency. May include practical tasks, guidance on specific evidence to collect, questions to answer and so on.
  • RPL Assessor Record Tool guides assessors through assessment of each unit. Provides checklists for each evidence task with minimum levels of performance, verbal questions to be asked with benchmarks and/or sample answers. Observation checklists, if required for the unit, are also included. Each evidence task is mapped to unit requirements.
  • Third Party Kit includes third party reports for each unit, to be completed by someone who has worked in a supervisory capacity to the candidate and is familiar with their abilities. They are asked to provide feedback on the candidates skills and workplace performance to support the RPL evidence.

When you buy this RPL kit, you will receive the RPL documents required for the 18 units in this qualification. Your choice of electives is provided on the Unit Outline tab.

Note: Our RPL kits are designed to be used to assess the prior skills and knowledge of an individual, gained through prior work and life experience. If you intend to assess your candidates through an assessment-only pathway through structured tasks (rather than recognising existing skills, knowledge and experience), we recommend purchasing our standard assessment tools.

Licence Information

  • This product is sold under the terms of our Licence Agreement. Read our Licence Agreement here.
  • All documents are provided in Microsoft Word format and can be customised to suit the needs of your target group as required.
  • You can add your logo and contact details to all purchased documents and make changes to the documents as necessary.
  • The licence permits use only within the licenced RTO.
  • You are not permitted to share the resources with any other entity or RTO.
  • For use within more than one RTO, please contact us for a multi-licence quote.

Need compilation

Documents are provided individually for each unit so you can easily assess individual RPL units as required. If youd like us to compile the individual units into one document for the candidate, one document for the assessor and one document for the third party, please add the RPL Compilation Product to your cart. Ensure the quantity equals the number of units in the qualification.

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