CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support – Learning Activity Booklets

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Companion Guides for 13 units from CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support.

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Our Companion Guides have been developed to be used in conjunction with a text book to support the learning required for each unit/cluster.

These Companion Guides support the delivery of CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support, in conjunction with the following textbooks:

  • Arnott, G 2017 The Individual Support Worker: Ageing, Disability, Home and Community, Cengage Learning Australia, South Melbourne.
  • Croft, H 2017, The Australian Carer: A Training Manual for Aged Care Workers, 4 edn, Cengage Learning Australia, South Melbourne.
  • Croft, H 2017, The Experienced Carer: Frontline Leaders in Australia’s Aged Care Workplaces, 2 edn, Cengage Learning Australia, South Melbourne.
  • Arnott, G 2017, The Disability Support Worker, 2edn, Cengage Learning Australia, South Melbourne.

Companion Guides are a concept developed by Eduworks Resources designed to guide the student through the relevant parts of the textbook for the particular unit/cluster. They also direct the student to additional resources and learning activities they can complete either at home or work to support learning and fill any gaps in content not covered by the textbook. Each companion guide includes website links and videos that are relevant to the unit/cluster. These are great to to provide structure to independent learning/homework!

We also include a mapping document that shows how each part of the unit is covered by either the textbook or the companion guide, or a combination of both.

Our Companion Guides include the following sections:

  • Reading and watching activities this includes instructions to the student on which parts of the textbook they need to read, websites they need to visit and explore and online videos to watch.
  • Further research contains additional topics for the students to complete independent research.
  • Discussions contains a range of discussion questions for the student to think about. These can also be used in class as applicable.
  • Learning activities This section refers to relevant textbook activities for the student to complete as well as additional homework and workplace tasks the student can complete to extend their learning.

*Please note all four textbooks may not be required as required texts depends on unit selection. All core units useThe Individual Support Workerby Geoff Arnott. Please contact Eduworks for further information on required texts for your unit selection.

Licence Information

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Why do I need Companion Guides when I have a textbook

Textbooks are often not written to the specific unit of competency requirements. Often, a textbook is written on a topic and publishers then map the content to relevant units of competency after the text book has been developed. This means that the textbook doesnt always cover the whole unit and key points of some units are not covered.

Our companion guides are developed to cover any major gaps identified in the textbook.

Additionally, handing a whole text book to a student at the start of the course can be daunting as often there are lots more topics in the text book than is actually required by the course. Textbooks dont provide guidance on when the student should complete each part, how they relate to the unit, or space for the student to write answers and take notes. Our companion guides provide all of this, plus provide additional reading and resources, and activities for students to do at work or at home as homework, or workplace learning.

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