What RTOs find important when it comes to purchasing resources

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We asked, you answered!

In 2017, we conducted a survey with members of the RTO community, this included a mixture of RTO managers, Quality Auditors, Trainers/Assessors and consultants. The purpose of the survey was to gather information and assess the types of issues and challenges experienced when it came to purchasing and using resources. We believe it’s important to understand the pain points of our customer’s needs and what better way to obtain that insight then an online survey! We ran the survey ran for a period of two weeks after which findings were collated and the results spoke for themselves! Check out our infographic below. As a member of the RTO community. do these results surprise you? Send us your thoughts: info@staging-eduworks.kinsta.cloud. If you’d like your own infographic created for your business, contact us on 1300 761 141.


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