With a combined experience of over 260 years in the VET sector, our team of experienced VET and learning design experts each bring their unique set of skills to support Registered Training Organisations around the country to achieve their goals.

We’re Australia’s first choice when it comes to advice, support and resources for your RTO.

Our purpose

Our primary purpose is to support and nurture RTOs to achieve sustained success.

Our vision

A supported and skilled Vocational Education and Training sector that delivers quality training and outcomes that Australian industry and employers can rely upon.

Our mission:

We’re here to support RTOs to achieve their goals through top-tier support and expert guidance. We’re committed to providing industry-leading consulting and advisory services, award-winning RTO-specific training courses, bespoke learning design, and RTO-specific training courses designed to upskill VET professionals.

We uphold stringent values of integrity and quality, with a sharp focus on maintaining the highest industry standards.

Our perspective is clear: RTO management doesn’t need to be difficult, but it does need to be carefully planned, monitored, maintained, and performed with due skill.

You can count on us to support you to ensure this happens, freeing you up to grow your business and provide support to your team and learners.

Who we are

Back in 2009, we started RTO Advice Group to provide consulting and support to Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) across Australia. Our founders, Shashi Hodge and Jacqui Hodge are dedicated to elevating the standards within the Australian vocational education and training environment and they’ve hand-picked a team that shares in that commitment and dedication.
We’re the go-to source for RTO advice, support and guidance and the first choice for premium learning and assessment content and RTO resources.

Everything we do is centred on helping RTOs achieve their goals.
What was initially established as a consulting business in 2009, quickly expanded in 2010, to develop holistic and learner-centred learning resources and assessment tools that filled a gap in the market under the banner of Eduworks Resources. The Eduworks offering is now an extensive suite of services, products and offerings designed to support RTOs achieve their goals, and held in high regard across the VET sector.

Now led by Shashi Hodge, we are dedicated to ensuring RTOs have access to high quality support when they need it. This includes access to well-designed, thoughtful course and RTO resources that support the delivery of high-quality training focused on learner outcomes.

When it comes to the delivery of top-tier training, Australia turns to us for advice and support. Our firsthand knowledge, innovative solutions and thoughtful learning design processes are what deliver consistent, high-quality results for RTOs across the country.

When RTOs require a boost, we’re the ones they reach out to. We’re here to ensure RTOs not only meet industry standards but exceed them. You can count on us to support you through RTO compliance audits and quality and compliance matters, using our proven approach to RTO management and quality systems. We specifically tailor solutions that match your needs and goals, diving into our RTO management know-how to give your RTO an extra edge.

If you’ve already got an RTO going, let’s team up to take your quality, compliance, and operations to the next level. We’ll upgrade your RTO and dive into tasks like polishing up your policies, fine-tuning and optimising your quality management system, manage your awesome team, and fuel your business growth.

Here at Eduworks, we’ll arm you with the skills and knowledge to manage your RTO confidently and effectively. Our goal is to enable clients to develop and enhance the delivery of quality vocational education and training programs that are both adaptable and forward-thinking – delivering fantastic results for learners and making employers and industry happy.

Our success is intertwined with your success – whether you’re sailing through your audit, celebrating graduations, or earning applause from your learners, employers, or your team, our aim is to equip you to manage your RTO confidently and effectively.

We can support you through your RTOs needs during it's full lifecycle

What we do

You can count on us to support you through your RTO’s needs in its full lifecycle.

Whether you need support you to startup a new RTO, add a new course to scope, conduct an internal audit, register as a CRICOS provider, design a new learning program, eLearning design, regular mentoring, access to industry training content or implement a new learning management system, we will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Using our proven approaches to all things VET and RTO, we tailor our solutions that match your needs and goals while also leveraging our years of experience and expertise and providing you access with a whole suite of professional tools and guides.

Our huge range of off-the-shelf RTO learning, and assessment resources have been written in-house by our expert team in close consultation with industry experts. Available for over 50 qualifications over eight training packages, our award-winning complete training bundles with embedded interactivity and simulations are a cut above the rest and will give your RTO an edge over your competitors.

If you need tailored or custom learning and assessment content to meet a specific niche need, to revamp or reimagine your existing content, or develop an online eLearning program, our expert team of learning designers, VET experts and eLearning developers are ready to work with you to meet your goals.

Let’s team up to take your RTO to the next level. With our team’s approachable and supportive expertise, we’ll design a solution that’s just right for you – clear, polished, and super easy to put into action.

Our Values

We set the standard

We are committed to quality, innovation and excellence in everything we do.

We celebrate success

Your success is our success and we recognise and celebrate this together.

We celebrate the success of our team members and team goals, so we’d always love to hear feedback from you about successes you see.

We are dedicated and passionate

Every Eduworks team member is dedicated to our primary purpose and is passionate about what they do – supporting RTOs to achieve success.

We have a can-do attitude

Our supportive approach and can-do attitude from every Eduworks team member will ensure your projects are delivered without a hitch.

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We value our people

We value all people we connect with including our clients, our team members, and others we connect with in the industry

We hand-pick our team-members based on their skills, knowledge and attitudes and we value and recognise their contributions to our organisation and our clients.

We are always learning

A commitment to ongoing development, have an enquiring mind, solve challenges as they arise and constantly improve means our services and support to clients is innovative and industry leading.

We thrive on feedback so we can improve where we need to.

Get to know

Leadership Team

Shashi Hodge

Chief Executive Officer

Brooke LoGiudice

Head of Consulting

Kate Laferlita

Head of Program Design & Quality

Natalie Hodge

Head of Operations

Bill Triantafyllou

Head of Business Development

Project Managers

Alana Coleman

Manager of Design and Development

Sarah Riley

Manager of Learning Design

Sales & Customer Service

Stacey Peel

Client Relationship Manager

Maged Hegazy

Business Development Manager

David Porter

Account Executive

Kylie Williamson

Client Services Coordinator

Consulting Team

Brooke LoGiudice

Head of Consulting

Ciara Tau

Client Support Specialist

Tayyaba Sultana

Consultanting Support Officer

What Our Clients say

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Shashi Hodge

Shashi started her career in the VET sector in 2001 by helping to build an award-winning RTO with multi-jurisdictional presence across Australia, where Shashi was responsible for overseeing the RTO’s operations across three interstate locations.
During her career, Shashi has held roles such as National Operations Manager, Compliance Manager, Training Manager and Industry Based Learning Manager in RTOs before she established RTO Advice Group (now Eduworks Co.) with Jacqui Hodge in 2009.
Since 2009, Shashi has worked with a wide range of RTOs, supporting them in their registration journeys, working with clients to improve systems, designing learning programs, supporting and preparing for audits, supporting growth, as well as conducting numerous audits for RTOs across the country. Shashi was also an auditor for the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) before setting up and running a TAE-focused RTO for a number of years before it was sold.
Shashi’s passion for high quality learning design and industry-focused assessment, led Shashi to design the methods, tools and processes we use at Eduworks Resources to develop our 6 times award-winning learning and assessment resources.
Shashi is the CEO and Director of Eduworks Co and is a hands-on passionate VET leader, constantly pushing the team forward to inspire new innovations and solutions to support the sector.

Brooke Lo Giudice

Brooke began her career in the VET sector over 21 years ago as co-owner, CEO and Managing Director of Institute of Counselling & Community Studies where she oversaw and managed all of the day to day operations within the RTO. Brooke went on to hold various executive & senior management positions within other reputable RTOs prior to joining the RTO Advice Team. 

Brooke now works as our Head of Consulting, managing our consulting team in addition to supporting clients with mentoring and coaching, RTO Set Up, Internal Audits and Health Checks, Due Diligence Audits, Compliance Management, Policy & Procedure Review, Addition to scope, Audit rectifications, Resource Development, TAS development and general consulting requirements. 

Brooke is currently completing her MBA and holds the Diploma of Training Design and Development, Diploma of VET as well as the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. 

Kate Laferlita

Kate joined Eduworks in 2016 and is a passionate VET professional with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. She started her early career in early childhood education, then transitioned to VET. Over the years she has worked as a trainer/assessor, placement coordinator, career consultant, and instructional designer.

Leveraging her 8-year focus on practical learning resources, Kate now leads the Eduworks Resources Development team.

She oversees the Project Managers and their production teams, manages budgets, course design and planning, and has a strong focus on client relationships and user experience.

Through conducting market research, she creates ongoing product roadmaps that align with the company’s vision and works with the development team to bring these products to life.

Kate works collaboratively with the operations and consulting departments to market resources and contribute to strategic development and innovation.

Natalie Hodge

Natalie brings a wealth of experience to her role as Head of Operations at Eduworks, having joined the VET sector in 2016. Starting as an admin assistant, her dedication and talent saw her progress through various positions including Client Services Coordinator, Marketing Assistant, Operations Coordinator, and Manager of User Experience & Digital Learning.

In her current role, Natalie oversees all operational aspects of Eduworks. Her passion lies in supporting the VET sector, and she has demonstrably done so by consulting clients on their eLearning platforms and playing a key role in the development of eLearning content at Eduworks.

Natalie possesses a deep understanding of best practices in learning and assessment design. This, coupled with her unwavering commitment to quality, positions her as a valuable asset to Eduworks and the wider VET sector.

Bill Triantafyllou

Bill brings a unique blend of technical and product expertise spanning over 20 years. Over the years he has worked across a range of companies, gaining skills and appreciation for differing markets and adapting his methodology to suit each market environment. Bill has a strong track record in managing and maintaining long and successful relationships across both government and private enterprises alike. 
His passion is the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. Constantly working with trainers, senior management, and executives alike in understanding their overall business strategy and translating these into workable training resource solutions.  

“I genuinely believe that if you bring together corporate values with professionalism of service and customer satisfaction you will succeed in creating a competitive brand.”

Alana Coleman

Since 2005, Alana has immersed herself in the RTO world, fueled by her expertise in the exercise science, sport, fitness and health areas. Her journey has been one of continual adaptation, navigating the ever-evolving landscape of adult education and School Based Training with roles spanning from Trainer/Assessor, Learning and Development Coordinator, Academic Coordinator and Head of Fitness.  Alana joined the Eduworks team in 2020 as a Learning Design Quality Review team member and is now the Manager of Digital Design and eLearning. In her role, she leads the eLearning, graphic design and publishing teams. In addition she manages a number of projects over the entire project lifecycle. Alana has a passion for helping others which is seen in her dedication to creating quality student focused resources. 

Alana holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. 

Sarah Riley

Sarah has a Bachelor of Education and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Management from The University of Sydney. In her experience she has worked as a Classroom Teacher, Instructional Design Leader and Assistant Principal. Sarah’s areas of speciality are curriculum, data and assessment. In her previous roles, she has worked with internal and external stakeholders to develop policies and procedures to improve student outcomes and improve school culture. Sarah is currently the Manger of Learning Design at Eduworks.

Stacey Peel

Stacey began her career working for 17 years in the Early Childhood Education and Care industry. During this time she spent 10 years working in local government supporting services to meet the industry standards and supporting students with their studies.

Stacey worked extensively with key stakeholders developing relationships with businesses in the local community. She prides herself on establishing long-lasting partnerships where clients can feel confident and reassured that she understands the client’s needs and provides current knowledge to support clients through each decision.

Maged Hegazy

Maged brings twenty years of experience leading EdTech business, SaaS sales, and business development strategies in different countries through direct sales and business partners. He is a results-driven person who develops long-term relationships using MEDDPICC, consultative selling and Challenger sale methodologies. Maged builds and maintains strong relationships with his clients through selling to CxO suite by proposing state-of-the-art technologies in a successful and complex sales cycle.

Maged retains a diverse knowledge of various job functions within the public sector and higher education in the software industry across Europe, the Middle East and Australia. also, he is passionate about travelling (25 countries so far), sports (Gym, swimming and squash), and loves helping people grow their businesses with innovations and new ideas.

David Porter

David brings over 23 years of sales experience to Eduworks Co., with a deep understanding of the Australian education sector. After arriving in Australia in 2000, he secured his first sales role with Seek Learning, where he thrived for seven years. David then leveraged his skills at the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) for another seven years, gaining valuable experience in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) industry.

A passionate and results-oriented professional, David enjoys building strong relationships with his clients. He looks forward to connecting with you and establishing a long-lasting partnership to support your needs at Eduworks Co.

Kylie Williamson

Kylie began her career as a workplace trainer, providing  training and support to clients in Microsoft Office. After an extended break,  Kylie returned to the RTO sector and has been working in the VET sector ever since.

Kylie has over 10 years experience in RTO  compliance and administration and is passionate about supporting RTO’s to build and maintain compliant practices.

Kylie has extensive knowledge in the day to day running of  an RTO including administration of student management systems, identifying  areas for continuous improvement, audits, applying for scope, and reporting  functions.

Kylie currently works as one of our Consultant Support  Officers assisting our team of consultants with RTO Set Ups, Addition to Scope, TAS development, Quality Reviews, QMS and other general consulting.

Ciara Tau

Ciara has worked extensively with RTOs on a wide range of projects including initial RTO registration, extension to scope, funding contracts, assessment validation, re-registration, internal auditing, audit rectifications and more.

Ciara has worked as a consultant and supported RTOs in a wide range of industries including aviation, transport and logistics, community services, health, finance and accounting, information technology, security and arboriculture.

Ciara is passionate about assisting her clients and ensuring that their organisation is meeting the compliance requirements whilst still delivering the highest quality training to their learners.

Ciara holds the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Tayyaba Sultana

Tayyaba began her career in the VET sector in 2014 as a Student Support Officer and progressed to become the Compliance  Support Officer. In 2017, she was recruited as Compliance Officer for another RTO.  Through her career, Tayyaba has participated in compliance  audits against the Standards for RTOs 2015, funding audits, registration and re-registration audits, and has hands  on expertise in audit rectifications. She also has experience of working as a Trainer and Assessor in the VET sector.

Tayyaba  currently works as one of our Consultant Support Officers assisting our team of consultants with RTO Set Ups, Addition to Scope, TAS development, Quality  Reviews, QMS and other general consulting requirements.   

Tayyaba  holds a Master’s Degree in Professional Accounting, the TAE40116 – Certificate  IV in Training and Assessment, CHC50113 – Diploma of ECEC, CHC30113  – Certificate III in ECEC, CHC40213 – Certificate IV in Education  Support and CHC43115 – Certificate IV in Disability.