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Eduworks Resources focuses on quality and compliant training and assessment resources.

We prioritise the effectiveness of the materials we supply our clients. You will find this when ordering from our extensive range of learning and assessment kits and educational products. This continues when you contract Eduworks Resources to design custom learning and assessment materials for a specific need.




Why choose
our resources?

Tried and tested

All resources we provide benefit from a constant and continuous review and revision process. We gather feedback from our clients regularly, and continuously make improvements based on that feedback.

Interactive eLearning

Get access to high-quality, interactive and engaging eLearning for your students. We focus on the learner's experience, keeping learner engagement and sustained participation at the core.

Online Simulated Businesses

Many of our resources come with an online simulated business giving your staff and students access to a range of policies, procedures, forms, templates and sample documents. All are designed to support your students through their learning journey.

Written for your students

We design our learning and assessment resources with your students in the front of our minds. With engaging and scaffolded learning content, clear assessment instructions and simulated businesses our resources are sure to impress.

Engaging Learner Guides

Our Learner Guides are highly engaging and are designed to keep your students focused for longer. They are expertly designed by our in-house team of talented graphic designers focused on the learner experience.

Clustered assessment

The majority of our educational resources have the advantage of clustered assessment, which avoids unnecessary repetition and minimises workload.

Want to customise
the assessments you purchase?
No problem!

We understand the need for contextualisation of resources to suit your student cohort. That’s why we provide our Assessment Kits, RPL Kits, PowerPoints and Session Plans in editable file formats. We make sure that our resources are user friendly, and easy to customise so that you can make adjustments as needed. All we ask is that you keep our copyright information in place when you make adjustments. Remember to check the mapping before you make changes to ensure you’re not affecting the compliance of the document. Some changes may affect our compliance commitment. Read more here. Contact us today on 1300 761 141 or enquire here to find the resources you’re looking for… or call us to ask about custom resources.

Assessment Tools

All our RTO assessment tools are developed by our expert instructional design team in close consultation with subject matter experts to ensure they are current with today’s assessment standards and current industry and workplace expectations.

Eduworks Resources has been developing assessment resources since 2010 and has grown to have one of the best reputations in the industry for its standard of assessment design and quality. All our assessment tools go through a rigorous quality review process in the design phase before they are released to the public.

For each unit or cluster, you will receive the following in an Assessment Kit:

Marking Guide
The Marking Guide is the key document for the assessor and includes a copy of each task provided to the student along with detailed instructions for the assessor for each task as well as decision-making rules, benchmark answers and/or sample answers as required. Mapping of the assessment tasks against the full unit of competency is also included in the Marking Guide for each unit or cluster.

Assessment Checklists
Assessment checklists are provided in either a separate document called an ‘Assessment Record Tool’ or at the end of the tasks in the Student Assessment Booklet and Marking Guide. These checklists are used by the assessor to record the assessment decisions for each student and include checklists of observable criteria for each task as well as observation checklists where required. It also includes an overall task result summary sheet to track results for each task. These checklists help the assessor and RTO ensure that the requirements of each task have been met.

Student Assessment Booklet
The Student Assessment Booklet is the document for the student that provides the instructions to the student about the requirements of their assessment for the unit or cluster. It includes an overall Assessment Plan, Assessment Task Cover Sheets for each task, as well as detailed instructions for each task.

Supporting Documents
Included with all assessment tools, are any supporting documents and templates required to ensure that the student is assessed in a realistic workplace environment. For example, if a task requires that the student has access to a certain policy, we will provide a copy of that policy unless we think it’s important, and appropriate for the context, that it is accessed from the student’s workplace.
Supporting templates and documents are provided to the student to fill out or use as guidance when completing their assessments. These might include policies, procedures, forms, checklists, or other documentation.

eLearning Resources

Our eLearning Materials are complete online learning resources that are interactive, engaging and user friendly. They are SCORM and TinCan compliant and can be imported into any learning management system that can handle SCORM or TinCan objects. For each unit or cluster, we will provide you with a number of learning objects that you can import into your LMS course, or if you don’t have an LMS, you can access our eLearning Materials through EduworksLMS.
Our eLearning resources include videos, quizzes and interactivity, scenarios, questions, and additional resources to keep students constantly engaged.
They work alongside our assessment tools, or you can use your own if you prefer. 

RPL Kits

Our RPL Kits are designed to guide assessors and candidates through the Recognition of Prior Learning process while ensuring your RTO is covering the entire unit of competency when you assess by RPL.

The Eduworks Resources’ RPL model is based on one that is guided and supported, and relies on the candidate demonstrating competence through evidence a range of structured evidence tasks, answering questions from their assessor, answering written questions, providing third-party reports, and where applicable, assessing their practical skills in the workplace.

Our RPL kits have been developed to provide a turn-key solution for providing Recognition of Prior Learning within your RTO. Unlike other RPL kits you might find on the market, Eduworks Resources’ RPL kits are not a copy of the unit.

In these RPL kits, the unit of competency has been unpacked and RPL evidence the candidate needs to provide is clearly outlined. Also included is a clear outline of the RPL tasks the candidate needs to complete.

Also included is comprehensive guide to RPL candidates on the RPL process, as well as guidance to assessors on the decision-making process.

For each unit of competency, or cluster, you will receive:

RPL Candidate Documents
Includes the documents required by the candidate to go through the RPL process. This includes a self-assessment tool to help them decide if RPL is suitable, structured evidence tasks and instructions on how to collect suitable evidence.

RPL Assessor Documents
This is the set of assessment instruments used by the assessor to assess RPL for a candidate. It includes decision-making rules for assessing RPL, observation checklists where applicable, and detailed instructions on how to make a decision about RPL.

LLN Kits

Our Language Literacy and Numeracy Kits are written for each qualification to assess the LLN needs of your students prior to or upon entry into your courses. Eduworks Resources’ LLN kits have been written based on the specific LLN needs of the course by unpacking the language, literacy and numeracy needs within the units of competency in the course. The LLN test includes industry-specific questions and is aligned to the Australian Core Skills Framework. Guidance is provided to the assessor on unpacking the answers to help the assessor identify the level of the student’s answer.

For each LLN Kit, you will receive the following:

Quick Reference Guide to the ACSF
This is a generic guide that can be used for all of our LLN kits. It is a quick reference guide the assessor can use when assessing the LLN tests rather than needing to have the full copy of the ACSF on hand.

LLN Test
This is the LLN test to be completed by the student which is a set of questions that has been specifically designed for the qualification you purchase the LLN Kit for. The questions in the test have been designed based on the LLN requirements in the units of competency in the course.

LLN Marking Guide
The LLN Marking Guide is a guide to the assessor on marking the LLN test. It provides a guide to the assessor on interpreting the answers provided by the student and advises how the assessor can determine the LLN levels of the student based on the answers provided.

PowerPoints & Session Plans

Our sets of Session Plans and PowerPoints are designed to make preparing for delivery a breeze and ensure you have a set of engaging resources that are consistently used by your trainers across your RTO.

For each unit or cluster, you will receive:

Session Plans
Eduworks Resources’ session plans are a set of pre-prepared session plans provided in Microsoft Word that you can customise to suit your own delivery format. We provide between 4-6 sessions per unit depending on the size of the unit. Each session plan includes the topics to be covered based on the content of the unit, group activities, group discussions, resources required, slide references, mapping and more. To customise the session plans, add your own timing to each section, divide sessions or add them together so they suit your delivery structure and you’ll be ready to go.

PowerPoint Slides
Our PowerPoint slides are a set of visually appealing PowerPoint slides that include images, graphs, charts, animations and more to bring your sessions to life and ensure your students are not bored by your presentations. Corresponding with the session plans and removing a large amount of your session preparation time, your trainers will be delivering professionally presented, consistent sessions if you have the Eduworks PowerPoint slides. Not only offering value for money but meaning that now your trainers can spend more time in the classroom rather than worrying about the next session they need to prepare.

Complete Delivery Bundles

Bundles help you save money and utilise materials that are designed to work together.

Bundles may include any combination of our other products and/or include resources for multiple qualifications that are often delivered together- for example, both the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care and the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.

By purchasing a bundle rather than individual kits, you will save money and gain more consistency in the content and quality of what you deliver.

See individual product listings for details and pricing of bundles.

Our bundles are great for extensions to scope or initial registration, or for any RTO wanting to overhaul their training and assessment approach for one or more qualifications, units or courses.

RTOs purchase a license for their RTO only and are not permitted to share the documents with any other entity. Purchasers are asked to agree to a licence agreement to this effect prior to purchase.

Complete eLearning Bundles

eLearning Bundles include everything you need to get ready for online delivery. It includes the following resources: Interactive and engaging SCORM compliant eLearning Resources LMS-ready Assessment Tools (for Canvas or Moodle LMS) PowerPoints & Session Plan

RTO Policies & Procedures

This package is a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) that has been developed to provide the basis for a well documented, systemised, quality focused and compliant RTO of any size.

We have done all the hard work for you by mapping the many requirements of setting up an RTO and put them into a comprehensive system that not only ensures you can operate compliantly but also efficiently.

The package includes:

  • RTO policies and procedures
  • Forms, templates, checklists and flowcharts
  • Central register templates for logging compliance activities
  • Implementation guide, with annotated instructions
  • Compliance Matrix (demonstrating how each document relates to the new standards)
  • VET Resources Folder – recommended VET resources provided for ease of access
  • Up to three hours of phone support from RTO Advice Group Pty. Ltd. to assist with implementation (if required)
  • Three months of free updates
We are quality focused
Our documents suggest a thorough and best practice approach to compliance maintenance to ensure you not only meet the standards but are able to implement high quality management techniques.

The documents provided in this system have been written with the scope of a broad RTO in mind and are designed to be able to meet the needs of most Registered Training Organisations within Australia of any size.

We have included a range of additional forms and tools that are easy for anyone to understand and use.


  • This product is Licensed by RTO Advice Group according to our QMS Licence Agreement.
  • The documents are provided in Word and Excel formats and can be easily customised to suit your individual RTO needs.
  • Unlike many other systems on the market, this system contains detailed, easy-to-follow policies and procedures that facilitate best practice approaches to RTO operations and guide you on effective implementation.
  • You can add, delete or change details to suit your RTO. For ease of use, all documents include fields for your RTO’s name and contact details with highlighted sections where information needs to be changed to suit your specific requirements.
  • Each document is coded according to quality area, and related policy and contains a Document Control section detailing related standards and other publishing details.

License & Formation Information


All resources other than eLearning materials and Learner Guides are provided in Microsoft Word and/or Microsoft PowerPoint format and upon purchase, you are permitted to brand, customise, and adapt to suit the needs of your RTO’s target group. Upon payment of the licence fee, you are permitted to use the resources within your RTO. You purchase a licence for your RTO only and are not permitted to share the resources with any other entity, RTO, or individuals outside the RTO. Purchasers are asked to agree to a licence agreement to this effect prior to purchase.

Learner Guides
Due to the nature in which our Learner Guides are designed and so as to not lose their visual appeal Learner Guides are provided in locked PDF format. However, Eduworks Resources provides a Contextualisation Guide to assist you in contextualising Learner Guides to ensure a rich experience that is targeted towards the student cohort. eLearning Materials are provided as SCORM or TinCan files ready to import into your learning management system.

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