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Commitment to quality and compliance for your peace of mind.

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Our Quality and Compliance Commitment


We have a vested interest in the quality of our products and services and are committed to ensuring our resources are fit for purpose, are industry-relevant and current, and live up to even the toughest of standards in today’s regulatory environment.

Therefore, we welcome any feedback provided by clients and auditors. Feedback helps us improve and we love the opportunity to evolve.

Rectification Assistance 


In the unlikely circumstance that our Assessment Kit resources result in a non-compliant audit outcome due to the validity of assessments, Eduworks Resources commits to working with you to rectify the tools free of charge. This only includes rectifications in relation to the documents provided by Eduworks Resources and does not cover any other related non-compliance or audit outcome.

We can only help you with rectifications if:

  • The audit findings have arisen from an audit conducted by a VET regulatory body in Australia – that is, Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) or Training and Accreditation Council WA (TAC).
  • You provide us with a copy of the following with at least fifteen days notice prior to rectification due dates:
    • A full copy of your audit report – sent to (or directly to our Customer Service Officer)
    • A copy of all assessment resources that were presented at audit
    • A copy of the Training and Assessment Strategy presented at audit.
  • No changes have been made to the resources other than changes to the logo and RTO details.
  • The resources provided by us have been used in full and you can demonstrate that the auditor was provided with the whole set of resources during the audit.
  • The resources have been used for their intended purpose, and the Training and Assessment Strategy presented at audit by the client clearly and appropriately describes the tools and their intended purpose.

We will:

  • Make the rectifications to the resources where the findings are consistent with the training package, the standards being audited, the principles of assessment and rules of evidence.
  • Provide you with a written rectification response and all updated files.

Please note:

  • Eduworks Resources reserves the right to disagree with audit findings and refrain from making rectifications. In this instance, Eduworks Resources will assist clients with a response to the auditor to explain why we disagree with the finding.
  • Eduworks Resources accepts no liability for any audit outcome or non-compliance.
  • Rectification assistance is offered free of charge for assessment kits only.
    We reserve the right to refuse assistance if the above terms and requirements are not met.

Rectification FAQs


Does rectification assistance apply to all of your products?
Free rectification assistance only applies to Eduworks Resources’ Assessment Kits.
How do I access rectification assistance from Eduworks Resources?

In order to request us to make changes, Eduworks Resources requires the following:

Email us at with at least 15 working days notice. You will need to include the following in your email:

  • A full copy of the audit report
  • A copy of the relevant Training and Assessment Strategy presented at audit so we can ensure the tools were described and used for their purpose
  • A copy of the resources provided to the auditor

Please contact us at if you have questions or would like to discuss your needs.

Can you help me with my rectification if I have less than 15 days before the response is due to the regulator?

Eduworks Resources cannot commit to helping you make the rectifications free of charge if there are less than 15 days before the response is due. In some circumstances, we may be able to assist for an additional fee, charged at our standard consultancy rates, however we cannot guarantee this. Please contact our office to discuss this. 

Why does Eduworks Resources require a copy of the audit report?

In order to gain context for the non-compliances identified, Eduworks Resources requires a copy of the audit report showing findings against at least all of Standard 1. Sometimes, non-compliances between the clauses in Standard 1 inter-relate. This information will enable us to better support you and provide a more detailed response that addresses the auditor’s concerns. 

I don't want to provide a copy of the full audit report to Eduworks Resources. Can I still get rectification support?

Eduworks Resources requires a copy of the audit report if you would like our assistance with rectifications. All records provided to us will be held in the strictest confidence and only shared with our internal staff that require access to this. We can sign a Confidentiality Agreement for you, so you can be assured of our strictest confidentiality. 

We have conducted internal validation and would like Eduworks Resources to make changes based on our findings. Can you help?

We love receiving feedback. Please send us your findings and we’ll make sure we take your feedback on board for future updates and improvements. Unfortunately, we can’t commit to making all changes requested by clients as sometimes these are based on the context of the use. However, you have the word documents, so please feel free to make changes to the files where you see fit, within the terms of our licence.

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