CHC33021 Cert III in Individual Support – RPL Kit – Recognition of Prior Learning

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Everything you need to assess a candidate by Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support

  • Choose the number of units you would like included in the RPL Kit. You may choose to include more units than the qualification requires, in order to give your RPL candidates a choice of electives.
  • The standard base product includes 15 units, including 9 core units and 6 electives. Choose your electives from our unit catalogue.
  • Provided in Microsoft Word format so you can customise to suit your RTO as needed.
  • Sold under the terms of our Licence Agreement – pay a one-off-fee for as many candidates as you need!
  • All documents required to conduct an RPL assessment are included.
  • Our RTO resources, assessment kits and RPL tools are loved by RTOs and TAFEs around the country.


All RTOs are required to offer their learners assessment via a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) pathway, and our RPL kits will make your RPL process a breeze – for your assessors and candidates.

An RPL process should provide the candidate with a streamlined assessment process to recognise their previous skills, knowledge and experience. Don’t just give RPL candidates the standard assessment tasks – this is not a flexible or fair process.

Our RPL kits are designed to provide all parties involved in the RPL process with a streamlined assessment process.

Our RPL kits provide:

  • A self-assessment process for the candidate to identify if RPL is suitable for them.
  • Evidence tasks that provide guidance on the evidence the candidate must provide to demonstrate competency.
  • Assessment and observation checklists for the assessor to use to assess the evidence tasks, including verbal questions where required.
  • Third-party reports for a third-party supervisor to use to confirm workplace skills (where required).
  • Documented guidance for all parties involved in the RPL process.

Most other RPL Kits on the market just copy the unit requirements into a template for you. Our RPL kits are designed around the unit by our internal assessment designers to best identify the evidence an experienced candidate need to demonstrate competency.

We have designed our RPL assessment tools to be candidate and assessor friendly so they ease the burden of RPL on all parties.

You will receive the following:

  • An RPL Candidate Kit which includes simple checklists for each unit to help determine if a candidate has the skills and knowledge to apply for RPL –  the first step of the RPL process. Also includes the tasks/evidence the candidate needs to provide to demonstrate competency. May include practical tasks, guidance on specific evidence to collect, questions to answer and so on. This kit now also includes any Third Party Reports the candidate may need to provide for each unit.
  • RPL Assessor Record Tool which guides assessors through assessment of each unit. Provides checklists for each evidence task with minimum levels of performance, verbal questions to be asked with benchmarks and/or sample answers. Observation checklists, if required for the unit, are also included. Each evidence task is mapped to unit requirements.

When you buy this RPL kit, you will receive the RPL documents required for the 8 elective units in this qualification. Your choice of electives is provided on the Unit Outline tab.

Note: Our RPL kits are designed to be used to assess the prior skills and knowledge of an individual, gained through prior work and life experience. If you intend to assess your candidates through an assessment-only pathway through structured tasks (rather than recognising existing skills, knowledge and experience), we recommend purchasing our standard assessment tools.


Licence Information

  • These resources are sold under the terms of our Licence Agreement. Read our Licence Agreement.
  • The licence permits use only within the licensed RTO, without limitations on student numbers.
  • You are not permitted to share the resources with any other entity or RTO.
  • For use within more than one RTO, please contact us for a multi-licence quote.

Additional information

Resource Type

Training Product Type

Qualification Level

CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support 

15 units must be completed:

  • 9 core units
  • 6 elective units from the list below, consisting of:
    • at least 3 units from those units listed under Group A or B
    • the remaining units from any of the Groups A, B or C below. The units selected must be relevant to the work outcome.


  • HLTINF006 Apply basic principles and practices of infection prevention and control
  • HLTWHS002 Follow safe work practices for direct client care
  • CHCCCS040 Support independence and wellbeing
  • CHCCCS038 Facilitate the empowerment of people receiving support
  • CHCCCS031 Provide individualised support
  • CHCLEG001 Work legally and ethically
  • CHCCCS041 Recognise healthy body systems
  • CHCCOM005 Communicate and work in health or community services
  • CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people


Group A electives 

  • CHCPAL003 Deliver care services using a palliative care approach
  • CHCAGE011 Provide support to people living with dementia
  • CHCAGE13 Work effectively in aged care

Group B electives 

  • CHCDIS011 Contribute to ongoing skills development using a strength-based approach
  • CHCDIS020 Work effectively in disability support
  • CHCDIS012 Support community participation and social inclusion

Group C electives 

  • CHCCCS033 Respond to suspected abuse
  • CHCCCS035 Support people with autism spectrum disorder
  • CHCCCS036 Support relationships with carer and family
  • CHCAGE012 Provide food services
  • CHCCCS037 Visit client residence
  • CHCCCS043 Support positive mealtime experiences
  • CHCAGE007 Recognise and report risk of falls
  • CHCAOD001 Work in an alcohol and other drugs context
  • CHCCCS001 Address the needs of people with chronic disease

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